In some cases the local authority, engineer or NHBC will require independent confirmation of a piles length and integrity of the concrete (that the concrete in the piles has no voids or cracks). Micropiling can arrange any suitable integrity testing company of your choice to carry out this work.

Micropiling will also ensure prompt turnaround of the independent integrity testers reports and ensure all relevant parties receive them. There is also sometimes a requirement for concrete cubes to be taken to ensure the concrete used in the pile, ground beam or slab process is of the strength required by the engineer. This is done by crushing the cube in a strength monitoring machine until it cracks.

Once again an independent company is required to carry this out and Micropiling can arrange for them to attend site, take sample cubes of concrete and test them at the appropriate time scales (normally 7, 14 and 28 days). Micropiling will also deal with the reports.

Integrity & Cube Testing
Whatever testing is required Micropiling can provide the independent companies to carry it out. This will provide the independent verification of pile lengths and concrete strength that is sometimes required.