Hand Auger Tripod

The hand auger tripod is a light weight machine that can be carried onto sites where access for a conventional tracked piling rig is simply not possible.
Despite its size it can drill with an auger size of up to 300mm and to a depth of 13.0m.
Machine Details
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Machine Dimensions Summary:
Mini Mac 1 – 3

Developed in-house to suit the specific requirements of tight access sites these machines are ideal for the small to medium size project. Capable of drilling up to 400mm diameter and to a depth of 24.0m there are few jobs these machines can not cope with.

Due to their small size they are ideal for working inside existing buildings or on site where headroom or proximity to buildings is an issue.
These machines also have interchangeable drilling heads which mean they can drill normal augered piles in Clay subsoil's and CFA piles in Sand, Ballast, Gravel or Wet Ground.
Mini Mac 4

Basically the same as Mini Mac’s 1 – 3 but designed to install driven piles.
This machine can drive piles of up to 320mm and to a length of 20.0m and with its small size is ideal for the small to medium size contracts.
Mac 2

Our largest Driven Pile machine. This can install piles of up to 320mm and to a length of 20.0m but is capable of using a 740kg hammer meaning it can achieve higher pile loads than the smaller Mini Mac 4 machine.

Klemm 708

The machine for the job’s too big for a Mini Mac but too small for a Soilmec. A versatile machine that can drill in most ground conditions up to 600mm diameter to a depth of 20.0m.

Soilmec SF-50

This is the machine to use on the bigger job.
Capable of drilling up to 900mm, to a depth of 25.0m and has an impressive rate of production.