Augered Piles

Augered Piling is the forming of a hole of an equal diameter and length to the drilling pieces used. Micropiling can install augered piles of between 200mm – 600mm diameter and to lengths of 24.0m.
Predominately suitable for Clay subsoil's the machine will drill to the required diameter and depth before withdrawing the augers which will then allow the filling of the pile with concrete and steel. Being a virtually vibration free piling method and normally most cost effective way of piling makes this the most common form of piling undertaken.

Micropiling’s range of small purpose built Mini-Mac machines are ideal for tight access and restricted working area sites and have been designed to pass through conventional sized door openings. We also have bigger machinery to deal with the bigger diameter piles required to carry out the larger contract.

The holes in the ground that help form the base for your foundations. We carry out Augered, Contiguous Flight Augered and Driven Piles with a variety of diameters and machine sizes to suit any site. Whatever your piling needs Micropiling will have the solution.
Continuous Flight Auger Piles

Commonly known as CFA, this piling method is used for unstable or water bearing ground. Micropiling can install CFA piles of between 300mm – 600mm and to lengths of 24.0m. This method of piling is essentially the same as Augered Piling the main difference being the drilling pieces are hollow which allows the concrete to be pumped directly to the bottom of the hole before the augers start to be withdrawn. The placing of concrete continues as the drilling pieces are withdrawn ensuring that any water or unstable soil is either pushed out on top of the concrete or unable to fall into the bore as either the concrete or the drilling pieces prevent it.
Once again Micropiling’s range of Mini-Mac machines ensure that even the smallest job should be able to be carried out using the CFA piling method, although as always our larger machines mean we can deal with almost any size contract.

Driven Piles

Driven piles are when a steel casing is used to ensure a dry or open pile in wet or unstable ground conditions. It is also an excellent solution to the problem of piling in contaminated ground. Normally more economical than CFA piles these piles are in sizes of 150mm, 220mm & 320mm.

The casing is placed into the ground in either a small pilot hole or pre augered shallow bore depending on the ground conditions and specific site requirements. It is then pushed into the ground using a weight of suitable size to achieve the load capacity required. Although there is some vibration it is more often than not considerably less than would be assumed.
One of the main benefits of this method is that it creates no spoil.

Micropiling has both small and larger machines meaning most jobs can be carried out using this method of piling.